Wedding dresses 2014

Wedding dresses - a special kind of apparel, which brings together all the mile and a half of the population and all the nations. From ancient times, people wore special outfits for the wedding ceremony. Depending on the traditions of a people, the wedding dress might be different colors, shapes and decorations. But it remained unchanged sacred significance and the way he was treated. After all, it has always been lofty garb, which was particularly rich decoration, beautiful embroidery, jewels and other precious attributes.

The fashion for wedding dresses varied constantly, every era has its own distinct silhouette and cut. Especially rapidly changed fashion in the twentieth century. Every decade the young girls walking down the aisle, to radically change its image - that were in fashion curvy dresses, simple, short, then with a long train, with the length of the foot.

And finally, in our time to put together all the fashion. Not exactly met, and provides each girl freedom of choice and expression. Today, fashion is not one particular style, today it is fashionable all that really like and is suitable bride. Someone like ballroom wedding dresses, some crazy model of "The Little Mermaid", and some are willing to combine several options in one and acquire convertible dress. And the most important thing in all of this that none of these models will not look bad, wrong or outdated furniture.

It is because our collection of wedding dresses 2014 combines various models that like many girls. Particular emphasis in the collection is made short wedding dresses. Very elegant and refined look dresses that have a corset is the same as that of conventional models for us and has a length of skirt to the knee. Such models will appreciate the bold girls who are not afraid to stand out.