Soft Collection by Elenanovias is a great possibility to make wholesale order of stylish wedding dresses

We are very glad to introduce to our customers the newest collection of exclusive wedding dresses. Soft Collection is a great variety of different styles and colorful tints, which create tender and deep bridal image. 

With sales beginning of our new collection, you will receive great opportunities of making wholesale order of wedding dresses by Ukrainian manufacturer. We have been working for many years in wedding business sphere. 

What will you find in Soft Collection by Elenanovias? 

Tender and fluffy ball wedding dresses are considered to our new collection. This wedding cut has been popular and fashionable at least for hundred years and will be on the top of style in future too. 

There are many of elegant wedding dresses of A-line. This style is not so much fluffy and pathos, but it has some attractive elements and style. In our new wedding collection you will be able to find many models of A-line style, with using of lace. They are very popular in current season. We have created for you some A-lime models with using of satin and chiffon too.

Lacy wedding dresses of ‘Mermaid’ cut is a real hit of current wedding season. They attract many brides with their specialty and originality. In our collection we have presented only one bridal dress of this style (161), which has closed top and opened back, which make a bridal image more enigmatic and really perfect. 

Pay your attention to wedding dresses with long slaves. There are several models of wedding dresses with long slaves (158), but the most expressive are that ones, which decorated with high-quality macramé (157). 

One of the most special wedding dresses, which are presented in our new collection are bridal dresses, where top layer of skirt is shorter than other ones (151). This design solution gives to each bridal dress more airiness and charm. 

One of our new wedding dresses has a special skirt, which was made from wavy organza (162). This style has been not used for a long time and now it returns to a wedding fashion again. 

Instead of a big variety of models you will receive a big variety of different attractive colors, because all wedding dresses are presented with using of two popular tints. They are milky and ivory. All size line of standard size was included to our collection. 

If you have a desire to make wholesale order of wedding dresses with profitable conditions, please do this on our website. You have an opportunity to look through all collection here. If you have some questions, you have a chance to ask our managers. Have a nice shopping!