2014-07-16 07:16:59

TM «ElenaNovias» offers its cooperation to all who want to buy wedding dresses wholesale. Various wedding shops, specialty shops, as well as private entrepreneurs may apply. We, «ElenaNovias», in turn, will offer you only the best collection of exclusive wedding dresses, we are working on a professional fashion designers. All our dresses are sewn in accordance with the latest trends in wedding fashion.

Our main principles:

  • The order is sent to the job only after we receive an advance payment, which must be at least 50% of the amount.
  • Time sewing order can range from 8 to 12 working days, it depends on the number of units in the order and complexity of their implementation.
  • The minimum number of positions at the first order must be at least 4.
  • It is possible to place an order, both through our online resources, or by telephone.
  • For overseas delivery is made only by the customer.

Section of our site "Payment and Delivery" will help you to find their way in all matters.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and accept your suggestions.

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