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Beautiful wedding veil – the most symbolic attribute of any wedding image

Wedding veil is especially trembling and symbolic element of the image of any bride, as this special attribute is associated with femininity, youth and purity. That is why modern designers and fashion designers pay special attention to the creation of this element of wedding attire.

A veil, being a headdress and an adornment, has passed a way of changes and improvements alongside with a wedding dress. Despite this, currently the number of options rapidly increases, new creative designs appear.

Wedding dresses manufacturer – the brand Elena Novias, is one of leaders in the domestic market, which deals not only with dresses, but also with veils. Due to its active efforts and popularity, it became quite easy to buy wedding veils wholesale in Ukraine and CIS countries – it is only necessary to place an order on the site.

Assortment of veils by Elena Novias

Buying veils from the manufacturer for a wedding salon or boutique, it is worth choosing a variety of models that are in harmony with already available dresses. This will help customers to decide on the general look. For example, a long veil goes well together with a train, while a short veil fits modern dresses and transformer dresses at best. All nuances count.

The most popular models of veils are:

  1.  mantilla;
  2.   cascade veil;
  3.   classical edged veil;
  4.   puffy veil with lace;
  5.   elegant veil with embroidery, etc.

Each wedding veil can have additional original decoration, for example, be embroidered with beads, beads, pearls, sequins. Therefore, when choosing goods in the online store for wholesale order, think first what dresses do you have to suit them.

Exclusive wedding veil: where to buy?

Original wedding veils can be easily ordered wholesale on the site of Elena Novias. Price, service and quality will certainly please you. Veils sale and delivery is carried out to any location in the country and beyond by any service convenient for you. Cooperate with the brand and replenish the range of wedding products with excellent models to advantage.