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The fashion has its impact on all, so a wedding dress is no exception. It constantly modifies it, adding something new or returning the long-forgotten old.

As a result, today the designers offer interesting models of the wedding dresses from a classic lush dress with corset to a short flirty dress. The fashion wedding dresses for the salons can be purchased at the online «ElenaNovias» store.

The whole team of the company is well aware that marriage for a girl is the most important event in her life, so does everything to ensure that every detail in the dress is perfect. We want to every wedding dress transform the bride into a real queen, proving that the groom does not mistake in his choice. Of course, everyone knows that people love each other for the beauty of souls, not for clothes, but it is also important. You can be sure that if you buy the wedding dresses for the salons by «ElenaNovias», your clients will be beautiful without doubts. 

The fancy dresses for beautiful brides

The «ElenaNovias» company designers outdone themselves by providing the opportunity for brides to shine in the wedding dresses in luxurious, classical and modern styles. Be sure that the lush satin skirt with crinoline will satisfy clients of your salon. What about the corsets, embroidered with crystals and stones? The lace inserts on the skirts, bodices or sleeves look no less impressive. All «ElenaNovias» dresses are made with delicate lace, tulle and silk. The handmade embroidery corsets and trains make the dress not only beautiful, but also interesting.

How to complement the wedding dresses by «ElenaNovias»?

For their part, the «ElenaNovias» company designers do everything to make the bride feel herself the most beautiful, but the girls must also make a little effort by them: to choose the right dress and accessories. These are hats, gloves, capes, jewellery, and, of course, shoes with handbags. In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it. To create the perfect image, accessories should emphasize the beauty of the dress, and not overshadow it.

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