A registration procedure on «ElenaNovias» website does not difficult and does not require giving a big number of different personal data and spending much time for it. Registered customers of website have different privileges:

  • Extended functional;
  • Availability of current prices;
  • Availability of online orders making.

Hot to complete a registration on our website?

You have to do several simple steps to complete a registration on website.

Step #1. Going to registration form

You have to go to registration page, where you will find registration form. You can find this page on our website, using two different ways.

  • Press button “Sign Up” on top and right corner of the website;
  • Press “Sign Up” link, which is situated near the photo of product, when you will open it.

Step #2. Filling a registration form

You have to fill only two fields in this form. Please, type your e-mail and a password, which you want to use. Please be very attentive, when you will type an e-mail address in the registration form. If you do mistake, you will not receive a message to your e-mail with confirmation of registration. 

When you will finish filling a registration form, please push button “Sign Up”.

Step #3. Activation of your account

To your e-mail, which you had already typed before to registration form, you will receive a confirmation letter with an activation link. When you will go to this link, you will see a page, which allows to sign in to the account.

Step #4. Signing in to the account

Please, enter your login and password. Your login is your e-mail address. After pressing a button “Sign In” you will go to page called “Data of your account”. On this page you have to fill several fields, which are denominated by star sigh (*). After that press “Save” button.

Registration will be completed. After that you will be able use our website with full range of abilities. All data and chapters of website will be available for you.

If you go to our website next times, you have to press button “Sign In” on the top right corner of website and enter your login and password. 

How to make an order on our website?

Step #1. Sign in on our website with your account. 

Step #2. Choose a wedding dress, which you like.

Please, place cursor on a wedding dress and after that you will see “View” button and star button too. If you use star button, you will add a wedding dress to special selection list. You will have an opportunity to go to this list and to view and order a chosen wedding dress once again. 

If you press a “View” button you will go to the page of product. 

Step #3. Add a wedding dress to a basket

If you find a model of wedding dress, which is the most suitable for you and you want to order it, please consider a color of it and a number of models that you need. After that, you have to press “Add to basket” button.  Then a wedding dress will be placed to a special page of website, which you will be able to correct before making an order. 

Step #4. Go on doing your shopping

If you want to continue your shopping, please press a cross button on a window, which will appear on a screen. After that you will be able to go to the next model, which you want to buy. 

Step #5. Adding a wedding dress to basket chapter

When you will choose the last model of wedding dress, you have to go to basket chapter and continue your orders from there. You can go to basket from the pop-up window from step #3, where you will see a button “Show a basket”. 

Step #6. Ordering all purchase items

On this stage you will be able to look and modify your order. When you fill all required fields on special form, you have to press “Complete order” button. After this you will see a pop-up window with a confirmation of your order. After that you will receive an e-mail with refined data. 

Have a nice shopping!