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During many years each fashion show demonstration of new wedding collections ends with showing of a model, who demonstrates the best dress of the collection. She steps on scene with designer, who had created the new collection. However, during last years designers created new collections, which are full of unique dresses.

Therefore, elite wedding dresses deserve special attention of clients, because they are completely ideal from the all points of view.

Peculiarities of elite wedding dresses

Only unique wedding dress can be classified as “elite” dress, because of some reasons, which are described below:

  • More than 50% of work, which is made for wedding dress creation, was handmade.
  • Special kind of textile fabrics were used for creating of special wedding dress model.
  • Wedding dress cut is really special among other ones.
  • Décor of wedding dress is really refined.
  • Dress has high-quality sewing.

There are many different famous elite dresses, which were created by famous couturiers and which we got from old times. However, nowadays each woman can enjoy with choosing of the best models of world designers and Ukrainian best wedding modelers too. Please, pay your attention on beautiful wedding dresses, which were designed by designers of ElenaNovias Company. They have different special features like refinement and also specialness, good style. All dresses of this manufacturer are decorated with sophisticated embroidery, beads embroidery, flounces and laces. All these elements look really reserved, luxury and feminine. So, elite wedding dresses are corresponded to all requirements, which have to be considered in their design. They have to look special among other ones and each elite wedding dress has to image individuality and character of bride.

What stuff can be added to elite wedding dress?

It is important to know about decorations that each elite wedding dress needs using of some kind of stylish and fashionable accessories, which will show all beauty of your special wedding image. Please, take care about beautiful wedding hat. You can choose wedding veil, crown, chaplet or diadem. Different kinds of bijouterie and beautiful shoes play great role too. All these things have to be chosen well and they have to be suitable with each other. They have to emphasize elite wedding dress, but not to hide its real style and beauty.

New models

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