2016 - 2

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Brand Wedding Dresses 

From year to year, many stylists and designers create something new and interesting for many brides. In our new collection branded wedding dresses are full of tenderness and stylish elements of wedding decorations. In a period of several last seasons, it was very fashionable to sue semitransparent corsets and make shoulders and décolleté zone opened. In this time we have used some of these stylish trends in our collection too. However our new collection differs from other ones with some of individual peculiarities. Some of our models were really made with using of opened décolleté, but other bridal dresses are made with using of modest tender styles. All bride’s shoulder zone, which is covered with thin net, was covered also with a layer of high-quality and beautiful tulle. As you know, tulle can be felt absolutely sloppy for body. We know that the textile material of low quality can cause such feeling. In this collection we have used tender women’s tulle only. It will make your style and beauty very comfortable and really impressive. Open corset will look very harmoniously with thin and beautiful net, that we used. This style of our new bridal dresses will be suitable for wedding ceremony in church and each bride will not feel herself like a common woman, because she will look really special. Our collection is made for all ladies, who have good taste of fashion. When we were creating some models we used nets with shining decorations and lace decorations too. Our brand ‘Elena Novias’ takes care about all tender brides, who have to look perfectly and to feel themselves comfortable. Special ornaments on corsets will add some style to each bridal dress.

There are some fluffy wedding dresses included to our collection too. There are some unusual shapes that are similar to ‘Mermaid’ wedding dresses. Jewels that used for decorating of corsets of these wedding dresses make their view really reach. With this wedding dress, you will look beautiful, but not vulgar. Branded wedding dresses in bulk by Elena Novias is very profitable for wholesale buying, because many of modern brides choose our wedding dresses. Our dresses became very popular, because of our progressive clients and their aspirations for using of new and fresh trends in wedding dresses suing field.

Ivory color has been one of the most popular wedding colors during long time. In this year, many brides choose ivory color again and also classical white, which is very popular all time for brides from all over the world. In our new collection designers considered using of different colors too. Every time fashionable trends change each other, but our wedding dresses will be popular for a long time. Tenderness and beauty will be fashionable forever. Therefore a corset with covering of tulle will help to emphasize a beauty of each bride and create tender wedding image. Femininity is very fashionable now. Because of that eccentric images with short cuts of wedding dress bottom and other variants of individual wedding styles have completely lost their popularity.

The wedding collection of 2016 is a mixture of different impressive bridal images. It is a combination of femininity and modern fashionable trends.