Straight Embroidered Wedding Dress on wholesale 314
Wedding dress embroidered with 3D appliqués on wholesale 315
Wedding dress with a cut on the leg 316
A tight wedding dress with straps on wholesale 317
Wedding dress wholesale 318 318
Wedding dress silhouette "fish" from Elena Novias wholesale 319
Embroidered wedding dress beige colored on wholesale 320
Wedding dress wholesale 321 321
Wedding dress wholesale 322 322
Wedding dress wholesale 323 323
Light wedding dress with train wholesale from Elena Novias 324
Wedding dress wholesale 325 325
Lush embroidered wedding dress with V-neck 326
Wedding dress wholesale 327 327
Wedding dress wholesale 328 328

Wedding dresses 2018: only actual trends

The collection, we yet again ready to present you, includes stylish, luxurious and fashionable wedding dresses. Seductive, enchanting, elegant and stylish silhouettes can decorate the storefronts of your boutiques will produce only interest and admiration for beautiful customers.

Another surprise from the designers of “ElenaNovias” brand. 2018 Wedding Dresses are:

  • stunning silhouettes in minimalistic style, giving the image the nobility of a true queen;
  • V-shaped neckline, adjusting the silhouette and balancing the proportions;
  • naked back and shoulder line of the dresses are designed for ladies who get used to to be in the spotlight;
  • transparent corsets making the image more sensual;
  • openwork sleeves, which can surely interest a bride, who is not ready to put on too open clothes.

You can buy any 2018 wedding dresses wholesale in our online store, not only of white color, but also of pastel shades, because our designers decided this time to be both creative and traditional so that your customers could use "ElenaNovias" dresses to emphasize their individual style. One can enjoy the finest guipure with a transparent base or French lace, another – textured finish making the image more romantic and expressive, and the third one will be satisfied with flounces and cascades in skirt designs.

As you have noticed, one of the interesting trends of 2018 is the focus on the waistline, created by a beaded or rhinestones belt.

You can buy 2018 wedding dresses of interesting design solutions wholesale in our online store in any quantity. Girls with different appearances will be able to pick up outfits of their pink dream in your boutique and look great in it. For this to happen, our designers, seamstresses and adornment masters made everything possible and impossible.