"Princess" style wedding dress model 218 218218    (2) copy
Wedding dress with a train model 219 219219    (2) copy
Wedding dress - transformer model 220 220220    (2) copy
Fatin wedding dress model 221 221221    (2) copy
Wedding dress with transparent corset model 222 222222    (2) copy
Satin wedding dress model 223 223223     (2) copy
Fish silhouette wedding dress model 224 224224    (2) copy
White wedding dress model 225 225225    (2) copy70
Wedding dress with beads model 226 226226    (2) copy
Wedding dress with a false decolette model 227 227227    (2) copy
Stylish wedding dress model 228 228228    (2) copy
Original wedding dress model 229 229229    (2) copy
Chiffon wedding dress 230 230230    (2) copy
A-line silhouette wedding dress model 231 231231    (2) copy
Ball gown wedding model 232 232232    (2) copy

Designer wedding dresses of 2017 will show an impressive bridal image

Wedding traditions came to us many times ago. According to them, each bride has to wear long and beautiful bridal dress on her wedding celebration. Bridal veil was an obligatory element of each bridal style. However, nowadays brides can change it to a diadem, wreath or a beautiful band. A luxurious wedding dress is still the main attribute of each bride. Because of that designers of Elena Novias Company have offered design wedding dresses of fluffy and ‘Mermaid’ styles for all our clients. Our wedding dresses will suit ideally for girls, who dream about fairy wedding celebration. Our fluffy wedding dresses of 2017 will help to make your celebration really grand and luxurious.

For whom fluffy and ‘Marmaid’ bridal dresses will be the most suitable in their wedding styles?

We have already presented in our new wedding collection different bridal dresses, which will be the most suitable for tall and slender brides. If you have really ideal shapes of your figure, you have an opportunity to use a beautiful wedding dress of ‘Marmaid’ style. Those brides, who have large hips, can make them more attractive with wearing of fluffy wedding dresses. A long and fluffy skirt of such dress will hide all the defects. However, luxury and decorated corset will allow for many brides to emphasize a beauty of breast and hide some centimeters of waist.

In this collection many fluffy ball wedding dresses were presented with open back and shoulder straps and also with long gloves and long delicate sleeves.

As we see, design wedding dresses you will be able to buy with wholesale orders making for different wedding events of different styles. They will be suitable for youth wedding parties and traditional wedding ceremonies as well.

What can you add to your wedding style together with design bridal dresses by ‘ElenaNovias’?

As all other wedding dresses, our bridal dresses need to be combined with different beautiful and stylish accessories and special wedding decorations too. Each bride has an opportunity to choose some stylish jewelry on neck with a wedding dress of open corset. If a top of wedding dress is close, a bride will have a chance to use beautiful earrings and bracelet only. According to a wedding dress type and an individual beauty of a bride, each woman will be able to choose the best wedding jewelry for her perfect style.