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Wedding dresses 2016 by Elena Novias 

Ukrainian wholesale wedding dresses manufacturer presents with a great joy new wedding dresses of 2016 for all customers. 

Each collection by Elenanovias contains some stylish elements of classic and laconism, but strikes everyone’s imagination with shapes of new bridal dresses, which were created with unique décor. In a moment of acquainting with a new collection, there is a good chance to know special peculiarities of new wedding fashionable tendencies.

First element, which has to be noticed by each bride is beautiful satin skirts with crinoline 

Another interesting and expressive element is corset which is embroidered with jewels and stresses. In this collection you will find decorated typical corsets in fluffy wedding dresses and special shaped ones, which are used in ‘Mermaid’ wedding dresses.

There are different lacy elements are used on bridal dress’ skirts, slaves and belts. Widely usage of lace has already become a real fashionable hit of current season.

In other words, a new line of wedding dresses of 2016 by Elenanovias is made of real French lace, tulle, and refined silk. Our designers give to each bride an opportunity to create really gorgeous wedding image, which will emphasize a natural elegance and beauty of each woman. A great talent gave a chance to combine a modern design and traditional art of wedding dress sewing. One of the most beautiful elements of new bridal dresses is hand-made embroideries on corset or dress train. Each person, who will see a bride in a wedding dress of Elenanovias will be struck by special beauty of it.

In case of wedding dresses of 2016 ordering in bulk for selling in your wedding salon or store, you will give a good opportunity for your customers to feel joy and delight of their beautiful wedding view.